About us

Reddipak Limited have been selected as a distributor for Fiber Film in the UK. As one of the UK’s largest suppliers of specialist packaging with Innovation in our name, we were delighted when given the opportunity to sell this unique product.

Our aim is to reach out to as many end users as possible with Fiber Film, to show off the exceptional characteristics of the product as well as the money saving benefits. With over 40 years of experience in the sales team selling stretch and shrink film products, we know opportunities such as this do not come along every day.

We believe this is the most significant development in stretch film in the last 30 years and are proud to be a spear head of this niche product in the UK.

Fiber Film will show you a reduction in your annual spend and consumption compared to most stretch film products on the market today. If you are using 15, 17, 20 or 23mu traditional stretch film and you allow us to come and demonstrate the film, we guarantee it will show you a saving on your annual spend and consumption.

Please call us to arrange a no obligation demonstration today.


We are also proud to be IS09001 registered.